Monday, April 9, 2012

Some bunny loves candy...

          I have a notorious and hereditary sweet tooth, as noted in another entry. The fiancĂ©e does not. So here is how occasions like Valentine’s Day and Easter work in our new household now. My mother mails us each an equal amount of candy. I devour all of mine in 1.5 days. Then, Brendan’s half of the candy sits out on the dining room table for almost a week, torturing me at every moment I am home. While we are sitting on the couch, I squirm for an hour while he nonchalantly goes about his business on his laptop, until I finally cry out: “ARE YOU GOING TO FINISH YOUR EASTER CANDY??!!!”

          He then says, (after a good chuckle), that it’s his and I am not supposed to eat it. He says this, not because he is particularly interested in the candy, or because he is territorial, but because he knows that if I eat it all, I will feel guilty. “THEN YOU HAVE TO HIDE IT!” and I am serious. Today he took his chocolate bunny and remaining treats with him to his office, or at least, I hope he did. If I come home and they are still sitting out, I am going to lose my mind, or eat it all. I can’t say which would come first.